Member Protection Policy

General Information

Warning: It is an individual’s own responsibility to assess whether club purchased level of cover is adequate to meet personal needs. This is not a Hockey WA or Club responsibility.

From 31 March 2011 Hockey WA has joined the Hockey Australia National Group Insurance Plan managed by JLT Sport and placed with underwriter Sportscover Australia. There is a wealth of information on the JLT Sport website for Hockey Australia which is recommended reading for players and club officials.

To go to the underwriter Sportscover Australia’s website click ***HERE*** (reading of the FAQs and answers provided is recommended, found under the Claims tab after clicking Asia Pacific)

To go to the Broker JLT Sport website click ***HERE***(click on the Hockey Australia icon tab)

Click ***HERE*** to print a Certificate of Currency for your Club or Association.

Click ***HERE*** to download a Personal Accident claim form (Note: Public Liability claims need to be advised and lodged through Hockey WA and the broker. Contact Hockey WA or the broker for Public Liability matters. Public Liability claim forms are NOT to be lodged direct with the underwriter).

Click ***HERE*** to find out about upgrade or top-up of your Personal Accident insured sum or benefit levels from the “Bronze” base level of cover (Hockey WA’s minimum standard) under the Hockey WA Group Insurance Plan with Sportscover Australia.

Note that this can be done for any of the following:
– an entire club or regional association
– a specific team
– an individual registered player
Warning: In 2011 no club has purchased cover level beyond “Bronze” base level.

For any administrative assistance required please contact the Hockey WA office on 9351 4301 or 9351 4312. For any obligation free Australian Financial Services (AFS) licencedprofessional technical assistance or advice, please contact the relevant broker’s administrative office.
– Hockey Australia’s Sporstcover Group Plan (03) 9613 1437 (JLT Sport)
– Hockey WA’s Corporate Travel Insurance (08) 9473 8600 (Austnet Group)