• Last Week’s Results


    M1 beat Lions 3-1
    B. Meissner, T. James-Wallace & I. Staples

    M2 beat Harlequin Wanneroo 2-0
    B. Meissner & B. Bregazzi

    M3 lost to Westside Wolves 1-2

    M4 Westside Wolves 5-0
    J. Austin (2), C. Mildenhall, J. Sinagra & M. Grenside

    M5 beat NC Raiders 4-2
    S. Dowd (2), C. Boylen & N. Dodd

    M6 lost to Newman 0-2

    M7 beat Blades 1-0
    A. Bertram

    W1 beat UWA 5-0
    K. Fleay, C. Thomson, H. Palmer, A. Milne & C. Kalwij

    W2 beat Whitford 5-1
    S. Easson (2), J. Andersen, C. Milway & R. Outtrim

    W3 vs UWA

  • This Week’s Fixtures

    Saturday 26th July

    Womens 3s vs Rockingham @ 12pm (PHS-2)
    Mens 6s vs Whitford @ 3.30pm (McDonald)
    Mens 7s vs Kwinana @ 2pm (Orelia)

    CLUB DAY!!

    Mens 5s vs YMCC @ 2.30pm (Arena)
    Mens 3s vs Whitford @ 4pm (Arena)
    Mens 1s vs Whitford @ 5.30pm (Arena)
    Mens 2s vs ECU Rangers @ 7pm (Arena)
    Womens 1s vs ECU Rangers @ 8.30pm (Arena)

    Sunday 27th July

    Womens 2s vs UWA @ 11.30am (Hale)

    Mens 4s - Bye